Hyperextended booleans

Back in the Summer of 1997, I spent two months at INRIA, a French research institute in computer science located in Nancy. I was given a project which consisted in developing a website for the publishing of photographic media according to business rules driven by fuzzy logic. To do so, I was directed to the great work of Gerard Salton, Edward A. Fox, and Harry Wu, especially the 1983 article titled Extended boolean information retrieval. In perfect Ismael style, I did not complete my assignment, and instead focused on extending Salton’s model. This resulted in a never-published paper called Opérateurs Booléens Hyperétendus. I lost the original file, but a friend of mine recently found a hard copy. I have no idea whether this work had any value or not, but here it is (French only). Now that it’s available online, I won’t be able to lose it anymore.