Home studio up and running

Here is my new setup in action…


All that’s missing is a hybrid drum machine. I think I’ll go for the DSI Tempest. Setting up the Pro Tools | S3 wasn’t too difficult, but I went for Apple’s Logic Pro instead of Avid’s Pro Tools, because I like the user interface a lot more, and because it comes with a lot more instruments and loops. Also, I will use it for composing more than mixing, hence I think it’s a better choice.

The DSI Pro 2 is now connected to a pair of analog inputs on the S3 control surface. The S3 is connected to the iMac using a crossover Gigabit Ethernet cable, with AVB core audio. From there, I use two analog outputs on the S3 to drive my Focal monitors. It’s working perfectly, and I’ve been playing the “On The Runner” sequence of the DSI Pro 2 in a loop. It’s a re-creation of the 170 BPM looping sequence that you start hearing at 0:12 on the On The Run track of The Dark Side of the Moon, and it’s totally hypnotic…

Later on, I streamed Pink Floyd’s legendary LP from Spotify, and the sound I get on the Focal monitors is amazing. But I can’t wait to hear what they sound like with 32-bit tracks at 192KHz. For that, I’ll have to get this Apogee Symphony I/O, which will be the last component of my setup before the ISHIZENO i8.


Submodules Whishlist

If I had an ISHIZENO ONE today, I would like these submodules:

Since all Mutable Instruments are released under CC-BY-SA-3.0, I think that I will start there. Braids would be a great one, since it has 7 knobs and 6 ports. From a faceplate standpoint, it would fit within one submodule. The 4-digit display would need to be replaced by a custom user interface component on the iOS side, but that should not be too much of a problem.

Interesting challenge…