Welcome to ishizeno

This is my new personal blog. My name is Ismael Ghalimi, but I sometime go by the Ishi nickname. I am a stoic, hence a disciple of Zeno of Citium. Therefore, ishizeno.

For the past two years, my blogging has been hosted at, which is the corporate blog of the company I work for. I will continue blogging there for all professional matters related to STOIC, while this new blog will focus on my personal endeavors, interests, and opinions, with no affiliation to STOIC whatsoever.

This blog will also cover my personal investments in early-stage tech startups. Up until now, I have worked as an advisor for a handful of companies that have enjoyed very nice exits, including 3TERA (acquired by CA), EchoSign (acquired by Adobe), or EveryTrail (acquired by TripAdvisor). Moving forward, I will complement this work with small seed investments in order to develop a better appreciation for what it is like to sit on the other side of the table as an investor and sometime board member.

Welcome on board!