Trunk Redux

Ten years ago, I built the Monolab Trunk. The idea was to have a modern version of a Louis Vuitton trunk that I could leave at my home hotel, at a time when I was traveling so much that I did not have any permanent home. The original design included drawers at the bottom, and enough empty space at the top to hang a few suits. Then, halfway through the build process, Apple released the aluminum PowerMac, and the design was radically changed. After a few iterations, it morphed into a gorgeous yet totally impractical giant iPod on wheels.

I kept the trunk in my office for a few years, until I was summarily fired, and had to leave it behind. I dot not know what happened to it, but I do not really care, for the original idea was great, but its execution was deeply flawed. Today, I revived the concept, with a RIMOWA Topas Sport Multiwheel 89.0L, which I will leave at my favorite hotel in New York. It contains a full set of underwear for seven days, plenty of personal hygiene supplies, and a totally fabulous Nespresso by Kitchenaid espresso machine. This will allow me to do week-long travels to the East Coast without having to pack anything more than what I carry in my messenger bag. In a couple of weeks, I will leave a similar setup in my favorite hotel in Paris. Next year, I’ll do the same in London and Tokyo.

This will downgrade me from 3 to 4 on the scale, but so be it.