Symmetrical power regulators

Core Audio ADC

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.45.00 AM

I have decided to make our power regulators fully symmetrical, with left and right regulators for the analog, digital, and bias sections of the audio ADC module. I also want to make them much closer to the components they have to power. The schematics have been updated, and I am now working on the PCB design. Here is the digital section, which is tightly packed, yet respects all the minimum dimensions imposed by Eagle (something I forgot in the previous design).

What makes the exercise tricky is that you want to keep the layout of components on the PCB as symmetrical as possible, yet you cannot make it fully symmetrical, since most components are not symmetrical themselves. As a result, the right section is not a mirrored version of the left one. Instead, it’s one that is rotated by 180 degrees. This makes for a very challenging puzzle, but I must say that I’m having a ton of fun trying to solve it.


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