Card Edge Connectors

Our 120 power regulators will be mounted on 120 individual boards using the 7-5530843-7 edge connector, which is designed to support both signal paths and power supplies. This will allow us to manufacture our power regulator boards using SMD components only, much like our ADC and DAM modules. This connector provides 2 × 3 positions, with a 2.54 mm pitch, which means that we will be able to use 3 lanes for grounding, 1 lane for the input voltage, and 2 lanes for the output voltage. The latter will be useful when the regulator is shared across two components.


Another benefit of using such a connector will be to have all our power regulator boards perfectly aligned with each other. This is something that is much more difficult to achieve when using DIP headers. And this proper alignment will be really helpful if we decide to attach our power regulator boards to heat pipes that would draw heat away from them and through the bottom of the enclosure.

As far as the latter is concerned, I am currently considering building the frame of the enclosure with an extruded aluminum profile, with a flat inside and a grooved outside. Furthermore, by slightly raising the bottom of the enclosure from the front to the back, we might be able to create some convection air flow that would facilitate heat dissipation, especially when using the aforementioned heatpipes.

More on this soon…


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