Zynq I/Os

Now that we have a pretty good idea of what our ADC and DAC converters will look like for both audio and CV signals, we can start working on how we will connect them to our Zynq device. First, let’s review how many I/Os we need:

  • Audio ADC: 5 per stereo channel (40 total)
  • Audio DAC: 3 per stereo channel (27 total)
  • CV ADC: 9 per converter (18 total)
  • CV DAC: 8 digital and 1 analog

Bottomline: we need 85 digital I/Os and one analog input. Most Zynq devices will give us that many, which will allow us to have dedicated lanes on the FPGA for every single input and output. Now, we need to do a similar analysis for our controllers and indicators.


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