Bargraph MCU

On this sheet, in the MCUBG column, we have defined how the microcontroller of a bargraph board will drive its three illuminated switches, its dual bargraph, and its associated motorized fader.

First, PA0, PA1, and PA2 are used to drive our three switches (Solo, Mute, Rec), while PC0, PC3, and PE0 are used to drive their LEDs. At present time, we’re assuming that we will be using single-color LEDs, but we’ve left enough pins to drive RGB LEDs down the road.

Second, PB0 through PB3 will be used for the SPI interface connecting our 24 cascaded AS1113 LED drivers. As indicated earlier, we will use 12 drivers per bargraph, with each bargraph using three sets of four 16-channel drivers, with each set driving 64 LEDs, using one set for Red, one for Green, and one for Blue.

Third, we will use PB4 and PB5 for driving our SN754410 quadruple half-H driver, PD2 and PD3 for the touch sensor of the motorized fader (Cf. schematic), and the PF0 ADC I/O for reading the fader’s potentiometer setting.


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