New Diagram

Diagram 0.0.8

After a full day’s worth of work, I finally have an updated block diagram for our system. As expected, we will need seven separate printed circuit boards to fit everything we want. Boards are shown with actual dimensions, but components are not. Also, the dimensions of the board for the MOTU AVB Switch are unknown at this stage. Nevertheless, it looks like everything should be able to fit within our enclosure.

According to this design, mixing will happen in the digital domain, which will allow us to support as many digital audio channels as the Parallella boards will be able to handle. It is quite likely that each of the 16 cores of the Epiphany E16G301 will be able to handle at least two mono channels, which would give us a total of 128 mono channels. For that purpose, I have added a third ES9018 DAC converter on the DAV Converters Board, but this one will be used for a single stereo channel instead of 8 like the two others, with a circuitry similar to the ACKODAC AKD12P MKII.

Also, our rotating panel for the 32 jack chassis sockets will require quite a bit of work. Right now, the sockets would certainly interfere with the two HDMI displays at a mechanical level, so we might have to move things around a bit, most likely by dropping the displays by 5 mm or so. Nothing too difficult though.


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