Transport Controls

Faceplate 0.0.10

Backplate 0.0.2

Here is what the faceplate could look like with transport controls. A bit tight, but I’m not sure how to work around this problem while preserving the overall layout. That being said, I think I’m getting close to a design that I could be comfortable with.


4 thoughts on “Transport Controls

  1. Julien says:

    If you drop a screen, you’ll have more room for transport controls. One such screen is already a lot. You could put the single screen in the center, or leave it on the side, a bit of asymmetry can be nice.


    • I really think we need two screens in order to provide visual feedback for the 8 channels and for the ports. Keep an eye on my next post. You’ll see why that makes sense, especially regarding ports.


  2. Julien says:

    It would be nice to have the PSU integrated. An IEC connector is a must for such a device, it would be a shame to power it with a flimsy power adaptator.


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