Faceplate 0.0.8

Backplate 0.0.1

Here is what the backplate could look like. With our new design, we have plenty of space for a set of four DB25 connectors that could be used for our 16 audio inputs and 16 audio outputs. Adopting the same layout as the Apogee Symphony I/O 16×16 would allow us to use existing snake cables, which would be a good thing. Therefore, the MD68 connector is gone. Also, it should be noted that a pair of DB25 connectors can be mounted on the same backplane when using the right connector assembly.

From a connectivity stanpoint, it is likely that we would use the FMC connector of the base board to connect the base board to the audio board. From there, the audio board would be connected to the faceplate’s backplane with another connector located next to the front horizontal hinge. This would reduce the length of our internal cables, while bringing the audio converters close to the base board. But the AD5360 and AD7606 converters should remain on the faceplate’s backplane, in order to perfectly isolate CV signals from audio signals. The interconnect between backplane and audio board will be defined in more details later on.


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