Revised diagram

Here is an updated version of our block diagram, taking into account the recent changes made to our faceplate. We are now using the full 16 channels of the AD5360 digital-to-analog converters in order to feed our CV outputs from the digital domain. But this requires that we use 2 AD75019 crosspoint switches (they’re back!) in order to support fully analog CV outputs from our analog submodules. These crosspoint switches will be daisy-chained together in order to provide a 32 × 16 switching matrix.

If we provide 100% analog outputs for the analog submodules, we might as well do the same for inputs. Therefore, we’ve decided to statically route our 16 inputs to our submodules, with 2 inputs per submodule. These analog inputs will be used by analog submodules, either as audio inputs or CV inputs. In fact, our new architecture does not really distinguish CV ports from audio ports.

I have also added on the diagram a simple block describing our mixing section, which will be made with 9 LM833-N operational amplifiers and 3 AD5263 digital potentiometers. The resulting stereophonic mix will then be fed to the headphones port.

Diagram 0.0.3


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