After reviewing the xCORE-Analog series, I believe that we should use it as a starting point. It only offers 8 analog-to-digital converters, and these are limited to 12-bit sampling (vs. 16-bit), but it would provide a fully integrated solution for the most complex part of our design, which is the analog-to-digital conversion of CV inputs, and the multiplexing of our digital signals between the CV inputs and the submodules.

The XS1-A16A-128 would give us 16 logical cores and 1000 MIPS to process our digital signals, which should be plenty enough for what we need. And the ability to program it in C/C++ is a lot more appealing than learning complex FPGA tools. Not to mention the fact that such an option should save us $50 to $100 on the BoM, since this multi-core microcontroller costs only $17…


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