g3, i8

Pricing analysis

Now that we’ve broken our backplane into 4 dual-channel backplanes, the starting price for the 2-channel version of the ISHIZENO i8 could be around $995, while the 8-channel model could retail for $1,995. To that, one should add around $400 for a full synthesizer like the Mutable Instruments Elements, and about $200 for something like the Moog Werkstatt-01, taking into account that our submodules won’t need any enclosure or controls.

Therefore, we can consider the average price of a submodule to be in the neighborhood of $300. This would add $2,400 to a 4-channel model, or $4,395 in total. From there, one might want to add the ISHIZENO g3 grid, which I anticipate will retail for $2,495. This would bring the bill to $6,890. Definitely not a low-cost instrument, but certainly cheaper than a Moog Modular…


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