g3, i8

Multi-screen user interface

One of the key design elements of the ISHIZENO i8 is its web-based user interface. Instead of using MIDI, USB, or a proprietary interconnect format, we will use web technologies to connect our submodular synthesizer to a control surface. This will be made possible by the embedding of a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, which will be used as web server. As a result, the graphical user interface will be provided as a set of web pages served by an io.js server.

One of the main side benefits of this approach is that musicians will be able to connect as many control surfaces and displays as they want. For example, you could have an ISHIZENO g3 grid with one iPad Air on each side. Or you could line up 8 iPad Minis in the grove of the g3, one for each polyphonic channel. And because each control surface will do nothing more than displaying a web page, we won’t have to do anything at the software level to support the most insane configurations.


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