ISHIZENO g3 redesign

The ISHIZENO g3 grid is up for a redesign as well:

  • The knobs will be removed
  • 8 more pads will be added (for a total of 16)
  • Pads will be organized in a 4×4 matrix

While it would have been quite nice to control the i8 module from the g3 grid through the grid’s knobs, duplicating these knobs on the grid would add significant cost and complexity to the design. Furthermore, it would require that we add 48 to 64 knobs to the grid if we decide to go for dynamically-assignable knobs (soft knobs) on the i8. Therefore, knobs have to go. As a result, the grid will have a smaller and constant height, which will make it easier to carry, while removing the risk of damage to the knobs.


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