Home Studio

In order to test my prototype for the ISHIZENO 8, I have decided to build a small home studio. Of course, I am going totally overboard with this, in pure less.best fashion. I started with the acquisition of a reference synthesizer, the amazing Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2, which I will use it for benchmarking purposes.

Pro 2

Last week, I ordered a pair of monitors that I could use to get some sound out of the synthesizer. Being French by birth, I opted for the Focal Twin6 Be. They’re currently waiting for me at my office, and I’ll plug them tomorrow when I’m back from my current trip.


From there, I’ve decided to be a bit crazy. Since I will want to record on my iMac the sound produced by my analog synthesizer, I will need an analog-to-digital converter. And being able to play music from the iMac on the monitors would be nice as well. To this end, I have decided to splurge on the powerful Apoge Symphony I/O 8×8. This beast will give me 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outpouts — plenty enough to plug a few instruments. Order out next week.


Finally, I’ll want to mix a few things, and for that part, I have decided to get rid of every bit of sanity that was left, and selected the Rupert Never 5060 Centerprice. This last piece of equipment isn’t exactly cheap, so I’ll buy it only if the customer project I’m currently working on is successful. This should be decided by the end of May, so I still have a few months to change my mind.

Rupert Neve


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