Feedback from a Master

Earlier today, someone I consider to be one of today’s most talented Eurorack designers provided some very insightful feedback on the i8 design over a long and detailed email. Here is a short summary of his main points, ignoring the ones that cannot be addressed without losing the integrity of our approach:

  • Deliver 3 to 4 brilliant submodules from day one
  • Use RGB knob illumination to help users memorize functions
  • Provide more analog ports per channel (ideally 12 or more)
  • Use 12V instead of 5V for analog ports
  • Get rid of the Arduinos
  • Provide better isolation between analog and digital signals
  • Use SPI as main digital bus
  • Use a single ARM processor to drive everything
  • Reduce dependency on any software that could become obsolete

I tend to agree with pretty much everything.

I’m going back to the drawing board.

Stay tuned…


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