g3, i8

More Knobs

Following Meng Qi’s suggestion, I have decided to provide six knobs per channel instead of four. This means that we now have as many knobs on every channel as we have ports (48 in total). As a result, it will allow us to use the SPST switching capabilities of the awesome Bourns PEL12T rotary encoders to configure dynamic patching directly from the module, instead of having to use the external user interface. To create a dynamic patch, you would simply click on two knobs at once or in a sequence.

The corollary of that change is that we needed to add 16 more knobs to our faceplate, which required that we use slightly smaller knobs. We also had to adopt a honeycomb layout in order to separate our knobs as much as possible. And to visually associate a knob to a port, we decided to offset our two columns of ports on every channel. In the end, this new design is a bit of an acquired taste, but I think it should work.

We also reflected this change on the g4 grid.




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