Rotary Encoders

All 32 knbos of the i8 will use the Bourns PEL12T rotary encoders, with 24 detents and 24 PPR resolution. They also provide SPST momentary switching and RGB led illumination. The SPST switch will allow users to push a knob to select a channel or a potentiometer, while the illumination will be used to provide a minimalistic user interface on the module itself.

All knobs are the same, therefore we cannot offer both potentiometers and rotary encoders, because we do not know in advance what kind of control a given submodule will need. Since rotary encoders can behave like potentiometers with the right user interface (a number pegged to 0 when turning counter-clockwise) but the reverse is not true, we have to use rotary encoders for everything. It’s not perfect, but it should be good enough.



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