g3, i8


The design of the i8 is currently receiving some awesome contributions from Meng Qi, who is a musician, synth maker, and teacher living in Beijing. On this thread, he made it clear that we should build a custom controller for our submodular synthesizer. Unfortunately, I had to agree, and I decided to call it the g4.

You can think of the g4 as a mix between the LinnStrument, the Madrona Labs Soundplane, and the monome grid. It would be made of a large block of black walnut and a grid of 36 × 8 keys, or 288 keys in total. This would give it 4 octaves over 8 polyphonic channels, hence the 4 number in the g4 name. As far as the g is concerned, you can think of it as my last name’s initial, or the initial of Gaston Lagaffe’s Gaffophone.

The g4’s keys would be sensitive to pressure, tilt, and velocity, much like the Keith McMillen QuNexus, but they would be much smaller (3/4″ squares). And most importantly, they would be illuminated in order to be used for sequencing.

The g4 controller would have a built-in battery and a single USB port so that it could be plugged to the i8’s faceplate. Combined with an iPad and a small portable rack like this one, it would make for a totally awesome setup.

Current goal: get g4 and i8 up ready for NAMM Summer 2015.


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