Drum Pads

Adding drum pads to the g4…

Length: 92cm (36.22″)
Width: 20cm (7.87″)
Height: 3cm (1.18″)



5 thoughts on “Drum Pads

  1. Thanks! It will most likely be a sandwich design with an aluminum baseplate and a wood top. Unless the space between keys is too narrow for wood, in which case the wood will come at the bottom and the aluminum on top, like the monome grid. The spacing between keys might be reduced in order to improve playability. We will need to test a few different configurations.


  2. mengqimusic says:

    Maybe focus on i8 first then the g4, since i8 is the core of the setup, and I can’t wait to mess around with the dynamic patching feature, which is a major advantage of this subsynthesis system.


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