Submodules Whishlist

If I had an ISHIZENO ONE today, I would like these submodules:

Since all Mutable Instruments are released under CC-BY-SA-3.0, I think that I will start there. Braids would be a great one, since it has 7 knobs and 6 ports. From a faceplate standpoint, it would fit within one submodule. The 4-digit display would need to be replaced by a custom user interface component on the iOS side, but that should not be too much of a problem.

Interesting challenge…


9 thoughts on “Submodules Whishlist

  1. I agree, but for the submodular synthesizer to be a viable option, we need to have a basic set of submodules readily available. And it would be good if people are already familiar with their expected behavior. Therefore, creating Arduino clones of Eurorack modules seems to be a good way to get started. From there, the most interesting experimentations will come from the ability to do low-frequency patching driven by either analog or digital signals. My head hurts just trying to imagine what kind of sound this might produce…


  2. You made a good point, but I think if the user already owns the actural module (so they are already familiar with it), it is most likely that they won’t get an another clone of it.

    Btw, I think the 2 biggest advantages of ishizeno 1 are:

    1) all-in-one operation / portable modular system on-the-go;
    2) dynamic repatching (your “LF-patching”).


      • Thanks! 😉

        Having digital repatching and analog wire-patching together in a big system may be overwhelming, because a user would also need to track the patching INSIDE a module in addtion to all the patch cables, which may make it counter-intuitive, so I guess the main design goal for i1 should be for standalone usage. So I think it is crucial for i1 to have its internal sequencer / playing interface design so it can be used to its full potential standalone.

        Really love to get my hands on one asap. Make this happen!!!


      • I totally agree with the focus. But we still need to make sure that the module could be used in combination with other modules, otherwise it’s yet another closed platform that will have very little appeal.

        I will do my very best to make it happen as soon as possible…


      • Yeah of course! Talking with other modules would certainly be needed: think about if I write a great patch on i1 on a trip, I would also like to take some voltages to control it to see what will happen when I get back home. 😀

        I’ll keep a close look on your progress!! 🙂 Keep up the great work!


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