Backplane Mockup

Here is what the backplane for the ISHIZENO ONE could look like. Clearly, if we want to go with sockets for the 32 analog crosspoint switches, we won’t have much room left for other components.

By the same token, we don’t have many more components, beside 2 small analog to digital converters, 8 tiny digital potentiometers, and the embedded Arduino Uno. The converters and potentiometers will fit nicely on the PCB used to mount all the faceplate controls, but I have no idea where the Arduino should go right now.

In fact, I’m even considering adding an Arduino Uno to every channel and adopting the standard Arduino shield form factor for the breakout boards. This would reduce the number of analog ports per channel from 8 to 6, but it would make the whole thing a lot more standardized.

With this current designs, we are using 6 rows of 8-pin breakout headers, giving us 16 pins for the 16 dynamic patching ports, 16 pins for the Arduino buses (2 for Serial, 4 for USB, 4 for I²C, 6 for ICSP), 8 pins for the power supplies, and 8 pins for future extensions. The U-shape used for the breakout headers will ensure that breakout boards are properly insterted.



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