Mutable Instruments

I have decided to build my modular synthesizer around the line of Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules. I really like their internal complexity and the elegance of their outside design. Here is the current configuration, extended with some monome modules for driving the gorgeous one twenty eight grid.

I will build my own rack within the custom shelf that I am putting together for my workbench, using extruded aluminum parts sourced from the great folks at item america. The shelf will be 71″ long, 10.5″ tall (6U, good for two rows of Eurorack modules), and 9.5″ deep. It will be supported by two massive 0.0.474.57 profiles which section is 160mm × 240mm. Even though they’re only 27cm long, they each weigh 5.3kg. That should be solid enough…

The left part will house my Eurorack modular setup (2 × 126HP), while the right part will be split into two horizontal sections with an inside shelf. At the bottom, I will store my DSI Pro 2 paraphonic synthesizer when I am not using it. At the top, I will snuggly house my Instek GPD-4303S 200W quad DC power supply and my slim LeCroy WaveStation 2052 function generator. On the top shelf, I will put my iMac, the two Focal Twin6 Be studio monitors, and the LeCroy WaveAce 2024 oscilloscope. And with a bit of luck I’ll find some room for a Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition.


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