Hekseskudd Tray

I love my standing desk, but I will need a couple of accessories to make it functional. First, a way to raise my keyboard. For that, I will get a custom version of the Hekseskudd Laptop Keyboard Tray that would be 8″ tall. Second, I need a way to raise my monitor. After careful consideration, I have decided to go for a back shelf made of two solid wood pilars and an extruded aluminum beam. The former will be sourced from Woodlux, and the latter from item. I have some experience working with aluminum, following my infamous Monolab Trunk. The shelf will go through the entire length of the workbench and be 25cm / 10″ high. It will essentially increase the working area of my workbench by 40″ while supporting my monitor. My lab equipment will go on the upper shelf, leaving plenty of room for the synthesizer I recently added to my wishlist.



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