Unintended consequences

As I am adopting the Ghalimi scale to reduce the number of things that I own, I am discovering a few unintended consequences to its underlying methodology. One of them is that I am becoming much more selective regarding new items that I might want to acquire.

The reason for it is pretty simple: it took so much effort to get to my desired level on the scale (Cf. Level 3) that adding another item to my inventory now implicitly require quite a bit of justification. Indeed, for this item to deserve its slot in the inventory, it has to be more important (either needed or desired) than any other item that has been removed before.

Consequently, whenever I stumble upon a new item that might have generated a purchase in the past, I look at it with much more discerning eyes, and I usually conclude that it has no place in my life today. This brings three main benefits: I save money, I save the hassle of taking care of this possession down the road, and I save the frustration of having to eventually discard this object once I discover that I do not really need it.


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