Multipurpose Objects

Now that every item counts, I am much more receptive to the benefits of multipurpose objects like my Leatherman Charge TTi multi-tool. Of course, one needs to be careful not to buy multifunction gadgets that are good at nothing. But when carefully selected, multipurpose objects can be very effective. Here are a couple that I stumbled upon recently.

Three-in-one Jacket

A jacket with detachable liner gives you three pieces of clothing for a single item count: the outer shell, the liner, and the combination of the two. This really replaces three different items into a very effective combination. Here is the one I am currently considering for hiking, The North Face Storm Peak Triclimate Jacket.


GoPro Camera

One of the main benefits of the GoPro camera is that is has become something of an industry standard, whereby more and more products are designed around it. For example, I am planning to mount mine on my Budnitz No. 1 bicycle, my IRIS+ drone, my Octomask Freediver mask, and my windshield whenever I fly. Furthermore, because it will be purchased with a drone that is quite useless without, it won’t count as a separate inventory item.


As a result, whenever I consider adding a new item to my inventory, I think long and hard about the different usage scenarios for this particular item. If there is only one, I try to avoid it altogether, because it is likely to be a fad.


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