One of the consequences of adopting the Ghalimi scale is that you cannot receive material gifts anymore, because they are very unlikely to find their justified spot on your inventory. As a result, you need to educate others who are likely to make you gifts about what would constitute an acceptable one. Broadly speaking, four options are available:

  • Consumable products (food, beverages, etc.)
  • Services (spa treatment, vacation, etc.)
  • Gift card
  • Item from your wishlist

The last two options deserve some additional tips: regarding gift cards, you might want to indicate which stores or brands are appropriate, because many stores might not carry any product that you would ever want to add to your inventory. And regarding your wishlist, you might want to make it available to the public, either by using some online service that does just that, or by giving public access to your inventory like I’m doing for mine.

So, if you’re in a gifting mood, here is what I’m craving right now:


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