When you create your inventory for tabulating your level on the Ghalimi scale, make sure to include your wishlist. There are two main reasons for it: first, you do not want to reach a level that you could not sustain once you start adding new items that were on your wishlist before; second, you will want to reward yourself once you have emptied your buffer bin and generated some extra cash by selling a few of its items.

In my case, 10 out of my 123 inventory items are just being considered at this stage. 3 are pieces of furniture that I will need to acquire no matter what, but 7 are items that I really want, yet do not really need. They are what you would consider luxury items, and they should definitely be included in your list. Here is mine:

  • Drone
  • Dive computer
  • Dive Mask
  • SCUBA Regulator
  • Audiophile headset
  • Headset amplifier
  • Portable speaker

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