Level 3

After some further cuts, I have reached Level 3 on the Ghalimi scale, with 123 items. Here is my latest inventory. To reach that level, I replaced my glasses by contacts, which allows me to get rid of lens wipes and a spare pair of glasses (I already had eye drops). I also simplified my electronics kit, replacing two power supplies by a better one with four outputs. I cut the number of hangers from 5 down to 2, by folding most pieces of clothing. I also removed a few computer cables that I never use. Finally, I removed a couple of items here and there that I don’t really need.

At this point, I think that I have reached my ideal level. Going further would simply prevent me from doing the things that I like, which is definitely not something that I aspire to. This is actually an unexpected element of the scale, which is that it does not take you down an endless quest. Instead, it forces you to really understand what you want (in terms of material possession), then focus on it. Eventually, you reach a point of equilibrium where you’re just happy with what you have. This is the beauty of a scale for which less is better, because it has a hard limit (zero), unlike a scale for which more is better, where there is no limit (infinity).

Moving forward, my goal will be to stay at that level and simply refine the 123 items that I own, while renting all the other things that I need. The feeling of wholesomeness is quite indescriptible…


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